středa 25. září 2013


Hello there is a new version coming soon. There are several interesting improvements:

My finds

List of caches you've recently found.

UI facelift

Slightly improved look of the app.

Search in offline caches

You can search by GC code or name of the cache. The list is sorted by distance to your position. Just click the search button.

Improved offline mode

Offline mode detection and data caching has been improved.

Added "note" possibility to trackable log

Note is now possible, of course, trackable secret code is not required.

This version also brings more power saving and performance features.

čtvrtek 19. září 2013

Hot news - access token problem

Hot news - if you're experiencing problems using xatcher, it might be because of the access token to services has expired. Unfortunately it is not handled in the code, so you have two options: wait for a hotfix or uninstall / install back the application (but losing offline caches).
Sorry for that, hotfix is on the way, but it might take few days to go through WP Store certification.
Anyway, as a reward, I added some interesting features to the next version.

středa 18. září 2013

pondělí 16. září 2013

Version 1.2

The new version 1.2 is now undergoing the certification at WP store, so it will be out within a couple of days.
There is a lot of changes and new features such as trackable items management (Full changelog).

The good thing is that it works fully offline, so logs are waiting until the internet connection is restored. Just check the icon on the start page. The new page now displays list of logs waiting in the queue for the upload and a list of errors. The errors may occur when you submit wrong tracking code of the item.

Another big thing is that everybody will be able to try the new version for 20 day regardless of previously expired trials.

pondělí 2. září 2013

Next version

Hello, I am already planning the feature scope for the next release. What would be the highest priority feature for you? - True offline OSM maps - GPX import - Multicache and mystery hunting support (changing stage locations etc.) Anything else?