pátek 20. prosince 2013

Bugfix release

There is a new release focusing on stability issues. It takes up to 5 business days when it gets through Store process. Happy Christmas!

středa 4. prosince 2013

A bugfix

There is a bug when switching between phone languages and regions. Xatcher writes date and time in a wrong format so it can start when switching back to the original language.
The fix is on the way and will be available soon.

A workaround: if you have this bug and desperately need to use xatcher, you have to uninstall and install it back while losing your offline data.

čtvrtek 7. listopadu 2013

Finally, the new version is out. There is an additional change - trackable can now log visit in the cache.

úterý 29. října 2013

November update is on the way

There is the new update on the in coming days. It includes a couple of bug fixes and the new functionality.

- improved performance
- improved caching of data, minimizes online data connection
- bugfixes in navigation and offline caches
- GUI improvements, more straightforward multi-select etc.

Backpack feature displays offline caches in groups, so you can delete the whole group or you can display all caches in the same group on the map/list at once.

Custom waypoints function allows you to add new stages with coordinates which helps you with solving multi/mystery caches. You can also change coordinates of cache itself. There is, of course, possibility to navigate and switch between these custom waypoints. For now they are only local, but in the next release they will be synced with the server.

středa 25. září 2013


Hello there is a new version coming soon. There are several interesting improvements:

My finds

List of caches you've recently found.

UI facelift

Slightly improved look of the app.

Search in offline caches

You can search by GC code or name of the cache. The list is sorted by distance to your position. Just click the search button.

Improved offline mode

Offline mode detection and data caching has been improved.

Added "note" possibility to trackable log

Note is now possible, of course, trackable secret code is not required.

This version also brings more power saving and performance features.

čtvrtek 19. září 2013

Hot news - access token problem

Hot news - if you're experiencing problems using xatcher, it might be because of the access token to geocaching.com services has expired. Unfortunately it is not handled in the code, so you have two options: wait for a hotfix or uninstall / install back the application (but losing offline caches).
Sorry for that, hotfix is on the way, but it might take few days to go through WP Store certification.
Anyway, as a reward, I added some interesting features to the next version.

středa 18. září 2013