pátek 29. března 2013



- improved performance
- improved caching of data, minimizes online data connection
- bugfixes in navigation and offline caches
- GUI improvements, more straightforward multi-select etc.

Backpack feature displays offline caches in groups, so you can delete the whole group or you can display all caches in the same group on the map/list at once.

Custom waypoints function allows you to add new stages with coordinates which helps you with solving multi/mystery caches. You can also change coordinates of cache itself. There is, of course, possibility to navigate and switch between these custom waypoints. For now they are only local, but in the next release they will be synced with the server.


  • List of caches you've recently found.
  • Another performance improvements
  • Slightly improved look of the app.
  • You can search by GC code or name of the cache. The list is sorted by distance to your position. Just click the search button.
  • Offline mode detection and data caching has been improved.
  • Note for trackable log is now possible, of course, trackable secret code is not required.

pátek 15. března 2013

Tips and Tricks

Move starting point

You can easily move the point where is the distance to caches calculated from. Just tap and hold your finger in the map - short vibration lets you know it has been established.

Gray circle in map is a starting point
Initial start position
New start position
Notice that after changing your starting point the list of caches is resorted so you se the closest one on top.

See two distance
Cache detail now displays two disances:
- from your actual position
- from starting point

Center cache on map from list

If you tap and hold your fingler on cache description in the list, it moves the maps so the cache is now in the centre.