úterý 26. února 2013

OpenStreet Maps

Recently, I've managed to implement OpenStreet Maps, there will be an alternative to use them. The good thing is the oflfline street map is always displayed and the OpenStreet map tiles are drawn on top of it, so you don't need to switch back in case you have no data connection.

pondělí 18. února 2013

Today I started final testing of xatcher. It goes through the approval process at Groundspeak. As soon as it is approved I will publish it on Windows Phone Store.
The app will cost about 2 USD and there will be 21-day functionally unlimited trial available.

Main features:
- strict Metro design
- fast, fluent and intuitive GUI
- support for both light and dark theme
- offline maps
- fully functional navigation even without data connection (with saved offline caches)
- log writing possible in offline (will be sent to server once you reconnect back)
- more advanced functionality will be implementd on demand

pátek 15. února 2013