sobota 20. července 2013

The new update 20-07-2013 is out

There are two new features:

xatcher is now available and compatible with low-end devices that don't sport a magnetometer (compass) sensor such as Nokia Lumia 520.
Anyway I managed to create a solution that provides a navigation to the cache or an additional waypoint. It calculates heading from recent movement so it can calculate bearing to the taget.

You just need to keep your phone in the direction you are walking. The heading is updated every 5 meters if the accuracy of your gps-based position is higher that +/- 15 meters.
The bearing is not as accurate as it is using real compass sensor but I hope it helps anyway.

The second feature allows you to create named groups of offline caches (favourites). You can now download multiple caches at once and group them with a common name.

pondělí 15. července 2013

The new version is out (get from Store).
I plan to make xatcher compatible with low-end devices without compass sensor in the next release.

pondělí 1. července 2013

Update - new version is currently undergoing the certification process

After a couple of months I decided to release the update of xatcher. There will be a bunch of bugfixes and one new feature - list and navigation to additional waypoints. You would be able to switch between additional wayopints and geocache to navigate to the specific target.